So unbelievably happy! Faster, stronger, and a new PR—shaved off 20 minutes! Loving this plan! A lot of hard work, but it’s definitely paying off. Thanks Jared for the encouragement and the positivity during the group calls!
— Meg, Utah
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Team Endure Strong has been incredibly helpful to me. I started running in college, but didn’t really know how to approach training. I knew very little about nutrition for running, almost nothing about what workouts I should be doing. With Team Endure Strong, I not only get those questions answered, but I get them answered by one of the top marathoners in the world. I could not be happier with how well Team Endure Strong has helped me.
— Scott, California
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The best part of Team Endure Strong is having the experience and knowledge of a world class athlete to learn from. I have always done training programs from books and they lacked the “coach” experience. I have found the coaching calls to be extremely helpful and practical. It’s easy to immediately make adjustments to my training as I learn more from the coaching calls.
— Jill, Arizona
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I have great experience with Team Endure Strong. I have finished many marathons and two Ironman 70.3 and one Ironman, but I want to find out where my limit is. There are couple of things I enjoy with Team Endure Strong. I can select a suitable marathon plan to meet my personal goal, tailored with flexible length. The app is really a great tool to track your own performance and progress.
Since joining Team Endure Strong, my fitness and speed has gone to a new level. I’ve used many different training plans over the years and no training plan has got me more prepared for a marathon. Training with the team has been very rewarding as it’s obvious they want to see you succeed. Once you join the team, you too will realize how special this team really is.
— Tim, Utah